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Great Outdoors
Great Outdoors




In this haven of wellness, PHOENIX is a current and future model for the art of living well because it makes its residents the main focus with streamlined architectural design, ideal siting, lasting top-quality materials, patios and balconies designed for living, attentive services, state-of-the-art security and the environmentally conscious renovations of a building with a very limited number of units. Materials, colors and sizes work together in harmony. Mineral plastering, stone siding, slats of larch wood, outdoor patios with ceramic sandstone or wood flooring, polished aluminum, metal-accented trim and details—they all create a stylish symphony that conveys contemporary elegance.

As the name suggests, PHOENIX is an exceptional renovation project where the quality of life is enhanced by eclectic design. And that day-to-day wellbeing created for residents is complete with shops and hotel quality services on the ground floor. An address like this merits commitment and service of the highest order. PHOENIX also offers a concierge service. It’s like living in a palace.



Discover Phoenix


Discover Phoenix


Discover Phoenix



“The VALLAT Group has been a specialist in alpine real estate since 2003. That was where we acquired extensive experience in marketing and (re)selling detached lodges, which was a chance to gain in-depth expertise in that sector. It’s a market mainly associated with second homes and investments in rentals. Hotel groups and vacation clubs have recently begun a pretty steady activity of renovating old buildings, and that opportunity laid the groundwork for a very original concept: PHOENIX. There are actually buildings at upscale ski resorts in the Alps with amazing locations but they have been abandoned for whatever reason. The main idea behind this new line of business is to renovate them and bring them back to life without altering their surroundings in any way. We needed to partner with a top-quality reputable building developer to work with us in this venture. The name PRIAMS came to us even before we thought of PHOENIX. One builder and one developer working on the same projects. Two different backgrounds yet using the same approach with the precisely the same view of a demanding business. We both want to provide the best locations, a unique and sustainable lifestyle, and the local, everyday hotel-like amenities and services that homeowners want. Now that we are partners, our joint projects are the product of considerable experience and a common way of seeing the value in the assets we’ll be designing and selling as lasting legacies. So as part of the new PHOENIX brand, PRIAMS and VALLAT included a variety of developments with ideal locations, local history, the immediate surroundings and the future of sites where they stand. We’re going to work with what is already there. The immense and very exciting challenge ahead of us is to bring these buildings into the present while giving them a new life and a new environmental performance. In addition to our ethical duty and professional pride, we are making a particular point of providing the new buyers new homes with services fit for a king. PRIAMS and VALLAT are with you every step of the way in the acquisition and construction process, and commit every day to quality and innovation, transparency and support, excellence and listening to your needs. All to allow you to carry out your plans with pleasure and peace of mind.”


Joffray Vallat
CEO & Founder Vallat Groupe


“For 20 years, PRIAMS has been drawn to beautiful places, protected sites, rare locations, and most of all to real estate developments that prioritize quality of life and respect for the environment. So it was a natural progression for us to expand our projects and include the most prestigious resorts in the French Alps. We maintained our core business as a building & planning development company and added an additional brand signature called PRIAMS Altitude that specializes in exclusive standalone projects to construct new buildings or restore old buildings by giving them a new lease on life. PHOENIX marks the launch of this novel approach to building in the mountains without any outside urban development and in keeping a pristine landscape and balanced ecosystem. From a business perspective, this foray into new territories is also aligned with another one of our basic values that we have prioritized in our development approach, which is to provide units that our future homeowners know will be an asset that appreciates in value and adds a visionary aspect to our brand signature: PRIAMS, live the good life.
Build a legacy. This discriminating approach is by no means a utopian ideal; our success and reputation are built on it. Our customers have appreciated it since 1997, and we fully intend to take it to its limits.”


Antoine Machado
Président de PRIAMS


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